Вышел WinGate 6.2.1


Напомню, что WinGate позволяет нескольким компьютерам, объединенных в локальную сеть, через один компьютер с модемом и сетевой платой или двумя сетевыми платами выходить в интернет.

О всех его достоинствах можно прочитать здесь.

Обновлена версия 6.2. Дистрибутив и русификатор выложены в разделе Поддержка - Загрузка.
Обновление рекомендуется для ВСЕХ пользователей так как содержит улучшения безопасности. Кроме того - IMAP сервер, сервер рассылок и многое другое:

WinGate 6.2 is a sizeable update to version 6.0. It includes several new features, notably an IMAP4 server, enhanced CGI support (it is now possible to run a self-contained webmail system with WinGate), email list server, several enhancements to extended networking, a revised plugin API, as well as a number of bug fixes. The following main features and changes were introduced with WinGate 6.2

1. Several additions to WinGate Mail:
a) IMAP4 server. This allows synchronised multi-user access to centrally stored email. Now you need never worry about synchronising your mail folders between your desktop and laptop again.
b) List server. Create mailing lists, individually control who can post, and who will receive mail
c) Added LOGIN support to POP3 collection, and SMTP delivery.
d) Added option to allow rejection of mail based on scan results (rather than accepting mail then scanning it), to reduce workload from bouncing messages.

2. Full multi-host reverse proxy, allowing you to host multiple web servers behind WinGate, and have WinGate authenticate users, and provide secure publishing of web content.

3. A major overhaul of the Plugin API: In conjunction with WinGate 6.2, major new versions of our two plugins have also been released. This required the overhaul of our plugin interface, which now allows plugins to perform a much wider range of tasks, as well as making it easier to develop and deploy new plugins.

4. Numerous other bug fixes

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