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Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0.20


Вчера корпорация Oracle представила новую версию популярного Open Source-средства для виртуализации — Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0.20

В последней версии VirtualBox было представлено множество новых интересных возможностей, затрагивающих различные области работы этого инструмента.

Итак, среди основных новшеств в VirtualBox 5.0.20:

  • Storage: fixed a regression causing write requests from the BIOS to cause a Guru Meditation with the LsiLogic SCSI controller (5.0.18 regression; bug #15317)
  • Storage: several emulation fixes in the BusLogic SCSI controller emulation
  • NAT Network: support TCP in DNS proxy (same problem as in bug #14736 for NAT)
  • NAT: rework handling of port-forwarding rules (bug #13570)
  • NAT: rewrite host resolver to handle more query types and make it asynchronous so that a stalled lookup doesn't block all NAT traffic
  • Snapshots: don't crash when restoring a snapshot which has more network adapters than the current state (ie when the snapshot uses ICH9 and the current state uses PIIX3)
  • Guest Control: various bugfixes for the copyfrom and copyto commands / API (bug #14336)
  • VBoxManage: list processor features on list hostinfo (bug #15334)
  • Linux hosts: fix for Linux 4.5 if CONFIG_NET_CLS_ACT is enabled (bug #15327)
  • Windows hosts: another fix for recent Windows 10 insider builds (bug #15337)
  • Windows hosts: make it work on Windows XP again (5.0.18 regression)
  • Windows Additions: fixed performance issues with PowerPoint 2010 and the WDDM graphics drivers if Aero is disabled

VirtualBox: Change Log

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